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Hoong Yap Manufacturer Sdn. Bhd.

It involves in the sales and marketing of various types of timbers and plywood for wooden products in the Manufacturing Sector and Construction Industry.

“Made from wood, Made for you”

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Wooden Box

Our Wooden Boxes are customized and manufactured according to customer’s require

Wooden Crate

Our Timber crate design is similar to a Timber Box. Crate that has reduced sheathing members is what differentiates it from timber boxes

Wooden Pallet

Two-way & 4 way entry pallets are the common design and used for storage purpose. Both of the design can withstand heavy load of goods around 1.5ton to 2ton

Timber Products

Depending on species, timber can also have good durability characteristics and good insulating properties against heat and both airborne and impact sound.

Packing Service

Our team has 20 years experience in packaging for all kind of machineries, control panel, 20 ton compressor, all kind of spare parts m electrical parts, loose items, car. All types of packaging are included such as Normal Packing, Vacuum Packing & VCI Packing

Packaging Services

20 Years of Experience in Custom Packaging Service for all customers

Normal Pack

Packing materials such as Plastic, Corrugated Carton & Shrink Wrappers are used during the packing process. Customized Wooden Case will be provided to comply with customer’s requirements

Vacuum Pack

5 layers of Vacuum Paper will be used to wrap the heavy duty goods. It consists of 2 layers of PE Foam, 1 layer each of LDPE sheet paper, nylon and aluminum foil paper. We provide customized and specialized packing solutions for the heavy duty items to protect them from moisture, heat and lighting issues

VCI Pack

This type of packaging is used to protect against corrosion. VCI paper (A matured Kraft Paper) will be used to provide strong protection against rust. One side of the paper has been impregnated with high-tech multi volatile corrosion inhibitors. The other side can be coated with polyethylene to make the moisture barrier properties

Repair Used Pallets

Local MHW Imported Pine OSB etc

In-House Designwork

ISO 9001 Certified and ISPM 15 Standard Licensed Operation

Leader Supplier in Timber Industry

High Production Efficiency & On-time Delivery

Team of Management & Production workers 20 years of Experience

Certified Company ISO 9001:2015

We Are Always Guided by Our Client Need and We Are Always Seeking Our Path to Excel It.

HOONG YAP MANUFACTURER SDN BHD (721271-A), established in 2006, located in Kuala Lumpur, is a sawn timber based business with facilities and knowledge expanded into the following related operation and businesses.

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