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We are one of the major manufacturers in Malaysia for any wooden-made products (Pallet & Crate) . We also supply any type of timber to our customers.

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We Are Always Guided by Our Client Need and We Are Always Seeking Our Path to Excel It.

HOONG YAP MANUFACTURER SDN BHD (721271-A), established in 2006, located in Kuala Lumpur, is a sawn timber based business with facilities and knowledge expanded into the following related operation and businesses.

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Timber and Timber Packaging

Hoong Yap Timber Sdn. Bhd.

It involves in the sales and marketing of various types of timbers and plywood for wooden products in the Manufacturing Sector and Construction Industry.

“Made from wood, Made for you”

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Repair Used Pallets

Local MHW Imported Pine OSB etc

In-House Designwork

ISPM 15 HT Standard & Toward ISO 9001

An Experienced Timber Manufacturing with 15 years of Experience”

Construction Material and Equipment

Hoong Yap Crane Sdn. Bhd.

When it comes to constructions and other related industries, the transport and lifting of heavy construction materials are required in such industries.

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Plantation – Palm Oil and Agarwood

Hoong Yap Plantation Sdn. Bhd.

It involves in the production, manufacturing and sales of palm oil and Agarwood. For a short introduction of the two products, palm oil is an important and versatile vegetable oil which is used as a raw material for both food and non-food industries while Agarwood is a highly prized product, which is used in fragrances, incense, medicines, and aromatherapy, as well as in cultural religious ceremonies.

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