Since 1997, we have been actively involved in the manufacturing of various types of pallets, boxes and crates under the name of Hoong Yap Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. at our present address.

Due to the restructuring of Hoong Yap Enterprise Sdn. Bhd., we have parted from them and set up our own company known as Hoong Yap Manufacturer Sdn. Bhd. to continue with the manufacturing of pallets, boxes and crates.

At the same time, we have also set up our Associate Companies namely HYE ENTERPRISE SDN. BHD. and HOONG YAP TIMBER SDN. BHD. respectively.

HYE ENTERPRISE SDN. BHD. is being appointed  as our Sole and Exclusive Agent for the sale and marketing of all pallets, boxes and crates which are being manufactured by us.

As for HOONG YAP TIMBER SDN. BHD. they are involved in the sales and marketing of various types of timbers and plywood to the manufacturing Sector for wooden products as well as the Construction Industry.

At the present, we are having a team of experienced Management and Production staff to carry out our business activities. In addition there to, we are also receiving good support and co-operation from our valued customers and supplies as well as from financial Institutions. With all these supports, we sincerely believed that it will help us to expand our business from time to time.


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